Yerbaé has reached over $13.7M in Lifetime Gross Revenue, with their current run rate the brand should exceed $14M by the end of 2020. The plant-based caffeinated sparkling water category is continuing to grow year over year as consumer demand for a better-for-you beverage increases. Yerbaé sales continue to climb in the e-commerce space with a strong performance coming from Amazon as well as their recently launched Shopify web store.

Karrie Gibson, co-founder of Yerbaé, described the accomplishments of 2020 saying, “it puts a smile on my face to witness the accomplishments of this team, brand and network of distribution partners that helped us get here, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Our growth on the east coast has been exponential with Pepsi New York, Pepsi Bottling Ventures and Canada Dry Delaware coming on board. We continue to see growth with our oldest DSD partners such as Saccani and Columbia Distributing. We cannot give them enough credit for helping us push through and grow this brand throughout 2020. We are excited to carry this momentum into 2021!”