Yerbaé and our distribution partner Pepsi Bottling takes center stage in the month of February as we kickstart our expansion inside the nations largest grocery retailer (Walmart).

Yerbaé has secured its first placements on dry shelf within Walmart’s across the Carolinas, and begin driving immediate brand awareness and sales activity. Along with this rollout, Yerbaé and Pepsi will expand into a second and third point of disruption utilizing Pepsi’s executional strengths in cold placement, front end coolers and addition displays throughout the store…

“The timing is absolutely spot on for this rollout. We have the largest retailer, an incredible executor and distributor partner in Pepsi, and an incredible field staff all aligned to tackle this opportunity. We have proven our strengths as thought and execution leaders in other regions of Walmart, and look forward to applying such a deep passion to service, merchandising, sales and incremental opportunity to this next group of retail customers” said Seth Smith, Vice President of Business Development.

Alongside this launch in the Southeast, Yerbaé’s national team will follow suit applying a best in class sales and marketing strategy in many markets across the country.