Yerbaé continues to grow within the highly loyal and affluent CrossFit community through key event presence at all three of the American CrossFit Semi-Final events. As the official energy drink partner of Syndicate Crown and the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Classic and a key vendor at the Granite Games, Yerbaé sampled cans to tens of thousands in the CrossFit community. We extended our impact onto the competition floor with Yerbaé athletes performing exceptionally well at each event. James Sprague at Syndicate Crown (6th place), Shaylin Laure at MACC (2nd place) and Team Invictus at Granite Games (1st place) all proudly represented Yerbaé as they competed. Event and athlete partnerships have helped to cement our status within the CrossFit community, growing awareness and driving sales as we continue to build our brand. We are proud the fittest humans on the planet choose Yerbaé for their energy needs as they truly understand the value of clean energy.