Yerbaé and Vistar Align to Stock 5 New Products in One of World’s Largest Foodservice Distribution Networks – Vistar

Yerbaé Brands Corp. (TSXV: YERB.U; OTCQX: YERBF), a plant-based energy beverage company, announced a strategic partnership with Vistar, one of the largest foodservice distribution companies in North America. This collaboration will significantly expand the availability of Yerbaé’s recently announced Innovation- 12 oz Energy Line.

Vistar, catering to the unique needs of over 60,000 customers nationwide, will now stock Yerbaé’s new 12oz innovation, broadening the reach of their premium beverages across the United States. The strategic move comes at a time of increasing customer demands towards sustainable better for you brands in which Yerbaé demonstrates a strong track record. The newly added SKUs compliments it’s existing portfolio , ensuring that a diverse range of Yerbaé products is readily available to consumers nationwide. The partnership leverages Vistar’s extensive distribution network, which includes over 21 distribution centers nationally.

Yerbaé’s Innovation – 12 oz Energy Line will now be widely available through Vistar’s strategic accounts, including micro markets, vending, pantry services, corporate dining, higher education, healthcare, hospitality, and military. This expanded distribution network aims to meet the growing demand for our energizing and flavorful beverages in a variety of settings.

“We are thrilled to partner with Vistar, a leader in foodservice distribution, to bring our innovative energy beverages to an even broader audience. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to providing consumers with premium, better-for-you beverages in diverse and convenient locations,” said Seth Smith, Vice President Sales of Yerbaé Plant-Based Energy.

Yerbaé and Vistar share a commitment to delivering quality products and exceptional service. This partnership marks a significant step forward in making Yerbaé’s beverages more widely accessible, providing consumers with a refreshing and energizing option in various settings.

About Yerbaé
Yerbaé Brands Corp., (TSXv: YERB.u; OTCQX: YERBF) makes great-tasting energy beverages with yerba mate and other premium, plant-based ingredients. All Yerbaé energy beverages are zero calorie, zero sugar, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, keto-friendly, paleo-approved, gluten free and diabetic-friendly. Founded in Scottsdale, AZ in 2017 by Todd and Karrie Gibson, Yerbaé seeks to disrupt the energy beverage marketplace by offering a no-compromise energy solution, with input and support from its recently-announced Yerbaé Advisory Board, Sports and Entertainment. Find us @DrinkYerbae on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X and TikTok, or online at

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