Record Q1 2023 net revenue of US$3.5 million, up 130% from US$1.5 million in Q1 2022

Scottsdale, Ariz., May 30, 2023 — Yerbaé Brands Corp. (TSXV: YERB.U) (“Yerbaé” or the “Company”), a plant-based energy beverage company, reported record revenue of US$3.5M in net sales in Q1 2023, representing year-over-year (“YoY”) growth of 130% for the quarter.

• Volume growth of 130% due to higher velocities in retail, and increased points of distribution.
• Expansion into 131 outlets of the largest club store chain in the United States.
• The most recent reported Nielsen consumer behavior data as of 5.13.23, shows Yerbaé sales in the FMCG Retailer universe up +356% YoY for L13-wks, and +277% for the first quarter for 2023. This compares to the energy category which grew +13% YoY for L13-wks, and +15% in the first quarter over the same time period.
• Yerbaé launched two new innovative on trend flavors: Lemonade and Yuzu Lime
Subsequent events
• April unaudited record revenue month of US$1.6 million, up +171% from US$0.6 million in April 2022.
• On April 18, 2023, Yerbaé announced food service expansion with Compass Group North America to roughly 10,000 locations across 24 states.
• On April 25, 2023 the company announced its expansion into 185 Hannaford supermarkets throughout the northeastern United States.
• On May 16, 2023, Yerbaé announced that it has secured a new accounts receivable and inventory line of credit of US$2,500,000 from Oxford Commercial Finance, a Michigan banking corporation, through its Delaware subsidiary Yerbaé LLC.

“In addition to higher velocities & increased points of distribution, this impressive growth can also be attributed to the increasing consumer demand for plant-based energy drink alternatives, coupled with the outstanding quality and unique value proposition of Yerbaé’s energy beverages,” said Karrie Gibson, Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer and a director of Yerbaé. “We are incredibly proud to be at the forefront of this movement, providing consumers with healthier alternatives that not only fuel their bodies but also align with their values of sustainability and well-being.”

“Our first quarter results exemplify the strength of our brand and the tremendous potential of the plant-based energy drink market,” said Todd Gibson, Co-Founder, CEO and a director of Yerbaé. “As the market has been notified already, in 2023 we anticipate US$12.5M in net sales which is 74% above our previous year. With the companies growth at +130% in Q1 and +171% in April of 2023, landing at approximately US$5.1M, Yerbaé believes the current trajectory puts the brand in a position where we can exceed these projected sales. Our team remains committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers and delivering consistent growth for our shareholders.”

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