Costco Places Largest Pumpkin Spice Order in Company History!

Yerbaé Pumpkin Spice will now be available at select Costco’s in the Southern California region. Costco placed an order for 14,000 cases of Pumpkin Spice Yerbaé showing their belief in the brand and it’s plant based energy proposition. They described Pumpkin Spice Yerbaé as the perfect Costco item that will surprise and delight their guests this fall. Yerbaé Pumpkin Spice will be available in an exclusive 8 pack at Costco from September 19th to the end of October.

Yerbaé signs rising CrossFit Star James Sprague as athlete ambassador

Yerbaé is proud to introduce James Sprague as part of the Yerbaé athlete family. James is affectionately known as the Energizer Bunny in the CrossFit community making him a perfect fit for Yerbaé. His contagious good energy personifies the brand and his unique ability to create engaging content for his audiences makes him a valuable partner for Yerbaé inside and outside of the gym. At only 20 years old, James is quickly rising in prominence, placing 6th at the Syndicate Crown Semi-Finals even beating reigning fittest man in the world Justin Medeiros in two events. Over the next few months, James and Yerbaé will partner together bringing good energy literally and figuratively to Americans across the country. Check out his Instagram

Yerbaé launches three new flavors for the summer!

Yerbaé has launched three new mouth-watering flavors perfect for giving good energy all summer long! Partnering with an industry leading flavor house, we tapped into some of the hottest flavors that perfectly complement our existing lineup, launching Lemon Hibiscus, Watermelon Lime and Strawberry Ginger. These flavors will help us attract new consumers and continue to engage our existing fans. “Variety is a top purchase driver in our category making it critical to innovate if we are going to continue to win.” Says Brian Neumann Chief Marketing Officer Yerbaé. “These three flavors are on trend, provide clean energy with no sugars, artificial ingredients or calories, and of course taste great!” Head over to to be one of the first to get your hands on this innovation!

Yerbaé is now available at Albertsons, Vons, and Pavilions!

We are excited to announce that Yerbaé has been authorized at all Albertsons banners in Southern California to include Albertsons, Vons and Pavilions locations.  Albertsons believes in our wellness forward approach to bringing good energy to their shoppers and we are now distributed in 337 of their SoCal Division stores. We are working together to create an incredible customer journey with our strong display, sampling and activation programs aimed at driving trial and repeat purchases. Check us out at an Albertsons near you!

Yerbaé shows up big at the CrossFit Semi-Finals!

Yerbaé continues to grow within the highly loyal and affluent CrossFit community through key event presence at all three of the American CrossFit Semi-Final events. As the official energy drink partner of Syndicate Crown and the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Classic and a key vendor at the Granite Games, Yerbaé sampled cans to tens of thousands in the CrossFit community. We extended our impact onto the competition floor with Yerbaé athletes performing exceptionally well at each event. James Sprague at Syndicate Crown (6th place), Shaylin Laure at MACC (2nd place) and Team Invictus at Granite Games (1st place) all proudly represented Yerbaé as they competed. Event and athlete partnerships have helped to cement our status within the CrossFit community, growing awareness and driving sales as we continue to build our brand. We are proud the fittest humans on the planet choose Yerbaé for their energy needs as they truly understand the value of clean energy.

Yerbaé Proud to Support Dancer Love Foundation

Yerbaé is proud to support the Dancer Love Foundation and its goal of empowering individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities through fitness, education, and love. The Dancer Love Foundation is a Non-Profit organization that serves as a platform to encourage, educate and fund expressions of fitness in everyday life for those who struggle with emotional, intellectual and physical disabilities. Everyone at the foundation is passionate about empowering others and celebrating their success in its many forms.

Yerbaé Joins 10 Million Meals Campaign With Feeding America

Help nourish your neighbors, because no one can thrive on an empty stomach.

With increased unemployment rates and hunger at an all time high, we felt it was incredibly important that Yerbaé find a way to help. We researched how we could help and came across an amazing foundation called Feeding America. They have created a simple, efficient model that helps local food banks across the country reach families in the most need. And we are all-in! Feeding America ensures our contributions will be deployed effectively and efficiently, helping us help feed more people across America.

Eager to help our community, we instantly donated 100,000 meals to Feeding America, because no family should go hungry. We couldn’t be more proud to help such an amazing organization reduce food insecurity.

It has always been essential in our personal lives and with our previous endeavors to help those in need and give back to our communities. From employment, to volunteering, to donations - we have been actively giving back over the years and we hope you will help us continue this journey to help make a lasting impact in our communities!

Please consider adding a small donation to your purchase so we can reach our goal of 10 million meals for Americans and we'll match your donation to help us get there faster!

Karrie and Todd

Iced Triple Berry Reaches New Heights

Iced Triple Berry has made an entrance into the Yerbaé 16oz lineup and it is proving to be a contender for the top selling SKU since it's launch in February 2020. This bevvy of berries is delightfully sweet, with the hint of tartness that makes berries so irresistible.

You can find this SKU across the country from Stop N Shop on the East Coast to Hy-Vee in the Midwest to Sprouts on the West Coast.

Plant-Based Diets Grow in Popularity

Yerbaé harnesses the power of plant-based energy through the use of Yerba Mate.

Recent studies have shown that plant-based diets are growing in popularity with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, and Tom Brady making the switch to a plant-based lifestyle. (see graphs showing plant-based trends amongst generations)

There is growing evidence that plant-based diets are associated with benefits such as lower blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and reduced body weight. These benefits often translate to less risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases. Recently, Target stores have added a plant-based section in their grocery department and Jewel Osco in Chicago has added a natural section where you can now find Yerbaé.

The plant-based lifestyle is here to stay and so is Yerbaé!

Winning at Winco

Yerbae and volume leader, WinCo, have partnered together on an incredible opportunity through the remainder of Q1.

Effective March 3rd, WinCo Foods will place Yerbae in the front entryway of 119 locations with a pallet display. This is typically only reserved for Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola brands.

In addition to the entryway display, WinCo has authorized a new sku, Black Cherry Pineapple, that will be launching alongside this exciting opportunity!

“Starting as an in & out item in Southern California, to now a permanent placement leader within our category, Yerbae's journey has been absolutely incredible. This partnership extends nearly two years now, and we truly appreciate WinCo’s support and constant belief in our amazing brand,” said John Blair, Executive Vice President.

To kick off this event, Yerbae's field teams will place 100 or more cases throughout 119 locations over the next couple weeks. The brand's growth has been explosive since initially authorized in late 2018, and now on pace to exceed an additional 150% growth inside of 2021.