Yerbaé Secures 7-Eleven in NY

Yerbae has received another authorization from retail giant 7-Eleven for the NYC marketplace. In tandem with Pepsi of NY, Yerbae and the allied distributor will begin executing the 7-Eleven locations in early April, positioning the brand for a successful start to Quarter 2.

“The momentum is here and this brand is rolling. To receive such an influential retail authorization from 7-Eleven and partnering our execution plan with Pepsi is truly remarkable. Yerbae is the essence of functionality and the synergies between our two organizations and our core initiatives are outstanding”, commented Seth Smith, Vice President of National Accounts

Furthering the relationship between Yerbae and 7-Eleven, a strategic roadmap is being developed that will allow the brand to quickly transform the retailers functional set, creating an immediate growth opportunity to blanket the strongest pockets of the country in 2021.

Covid Down, Yerbaé Up

As COVID cases continue to trend downwards this month, Yerbaé sales have risen! The brand is on track to have a record breaking Q1 with special focus points of Walmart authorizations in NC, display activities approved by Jewel Osco in Chicago and AJ's in Arizona, as well as displays in Raley's in Northern California and Lowe's Foods in NC. Amazon sales also continue to rise as Yerbaé is up 37% from last January. CEO & Co-Founder, Todd Gibson commented, "the momentum continues for our brand and our team is working so hard day in and day out to secure displays across the country to increase our brand awareness. I am so proud of what they have accomplished this early in the year."

Popping Off Shelves With Pepsi

Yerbaé and our distribution partner Pepsi Bottling takes center stage in the month of February as we kickstart our expansion inside the nations largest grocery retailer (Walmart).

Yerbaé has secured its first placements on dry shelf within Walmart's across the Carolinas, and begin driving immediate brand awareness and sales activity. Along with this rollout, Yerbaé and Pepsi will expand into a second and third point of disruption utilizing Pepsi's executional strengths in cold placement, front end coolers and addition displays throughout the store...

“The timing is absolutely spot on for this rollout. We have the largest retailer, an incredible executor and distributor partner in Pepsi, and an incredible field staff all aligned to tackle this opportunity. We have proven our strengths as thought and execution leaders in other regions of Walmart, and look forward to applying such a deep passion to service, merchandising, sales and incremental opportunity to this next group of retail customers” said Seth Smith, Vice President of Business Development.

Alongside this launch in the Southeast, Yerbaé’s national team will follow suit applying a best in class sales and marketing strategy in many markets across the country.

Yerbaé on the Map With Mapco!

Yerbaé is excited to announce that they have secured yet another chain authorization! MAPCO has authorized Yerbaé in their 2021 set and it will go live on March 1st! Karrie Gibson said, "we are so excited to continue to expand our brand presence across the country. MAPCO is another win for our team and I cannot wait to see this push continue and see who we can secure next!"

Yerbaé Sparkles at Jewel Osco

Target has expanded Yerbaé’s presence from just over 200 stores to 460 stores in September. Yerbaé has been placed in the grab and go cooler section with four 16oz SKUs that include Iced Triple Berry, Strawberry Blonde, Mango Passionfruit and Watermelon Strawberry. Target has recently been focusing on plant-based products. John Blair commented, “we are proud that Target has chosen our brand and expanded our store count to include these four incredible flavors of our plant-based energy that fits with their consumer demands.” Target has placed Yerbaé in select stores across the country. Visit to find your nearest Yerbaé retail location.

Yerbaé Expands With Circle K

Yerbaé is excited to announce that Circle K is expanding their product with Pepsi in the Coastal Carolinas division. The brand has been approved for their 2021 sets. Todd Gibson commented, "we are so appreciative of Circle K and their expansion of our brand. We look forward to the continued success out east."

Yerbaé Announced as Finalist for Bevnet 2020 Rising Star Award

Yerbaé has been announced as a finalist for the coveted Bevnet 2020 Rising Star Award! Bevnet is considered the leading beverage-oriented media company. Yerbaé was selected along with nine other companies out of a group of 320 contenders. Todd Gibson commented, “we are so honored to be chosen as a finalist for the Bevnet 2020 Rising Star Award. Our team has worked so hard all year and despite the COVID challenges we faced; they kept the sales growing. To be in the running along with nine other amazing companies, it is a huge accomplishment for our team.” The winner will be announced on December 17th, stay tuned!

Yerbaé Amazon Sales Double in 2020

Yerbaé just surpassed $1M in Amazon sales for 2020, which doubles the revenue from 2019. In 2019, sales were $548,000, and YTD sales have already doubled with over a month remaining in the year. There have been 52,528 placed in 2020, which surpasses 2019’s orders of 21,700. Consumers are enjoying Yerbaé as the reviews are over 4 stars!

Nothing but Smiles for Yerbaé as They Reach $13.7m Lifetime Gross Revenue

Yerbaé has reached over $13.7M in Lifetime Gross Revenue, with their current run rate the brand should exceed $14M by the end of 2020. The plant-based caffeinated sparkling water category is continuing to grow year over year as consumer demand for a better-for-you beverage increases. Yerbaé sales continue to climb in the e-commerce space with a strong performance coming from Amazon as well as their recently launched Shopify web store.

Karrie Gibson, co-founder of Yerbaé, described the accomplishments of 2020 saying, “it puts a smile on my face to witness the accomplishments of this team, brand and network of distribution partners that helped us get here, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Our growth on the east coast has been exponential with Pepsi New York, Pepsi Bottling Ventures and Canada Dry Delaware coming on board. We continue to see growth with our oldest DSD partners such as Saccani and Columbia Distributing. We cannot give them enough credit for helping us push through and grow this brand throughout 2020. We are excited to carry this momentum into 2021!"

Prepare for Yerbaé Take-Off!

Pepsi expands Yerbaé’s distribution in Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) and Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). Yerbaé is the perfect beverage to help you get through your next flight.